About Us

Greetings from Arklow Baptist Church!


Firstly, we are “Born Again” Christians. [How to be born again, as Jesus commands, is described here.]

We accept all people, yet in Faith we are not:

  • Protestant
  • Catholic
  • A Secret Society like the Masons
  • A cult group like the Jehovah’s Witnesses or the Mormons
  • A Charismatic movement of any kind

Secondly, notice what we observe from the Scriptures:

Biblical Authority

We believe the Bible is God’s Word, and that, all of its words are His. God cannot lie or go into error. Mankind can. That is why we look to the Bible to tell us what to believe and what to do. God’s Word on these things is enough. We need no church traditions, liturgies, official prayers, creeds, icons, relics, miracles, or such like to establish and maintain our faith.

Autonomy of the Local Church

We are not a part of any main-line Denomination, Synod, or Church Diocese. That is, we are independent of any hierarchy of religious politicians which puts demands on the way we worship. Our lives and worship are guided by One… God the Holy Spirit through His Word, the Bible.

Priesthood of the Believer

We hold that there is only “one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.”

Every born-again Christian has his direct connection to God through Jesus.  Therefore, each believer can go directly and unashamedly to God in prayer.

Also, Our Lord and Saviour promised the Holy Spirit to be in and with every believer forever.  Jesus said He, the Holy Spirit, would guide us into all truth. For this reason, we believe every saved person can understand and interpret the Bible, since its Author dwells within him in order to teach him.  We do not believe that only liturgical priests or ministers can impart the true meaning of Scripture. 

We need no one except God to forgive our sins, hear our prayers, or interpret the Scriptures.

Two Ordinances 

  • Baptism – of believers only (not infants) and by full, water immersion
  • Communion (the Lord’s Supper) – in remembrance of our Lord’s sacrifice for us, not as to sacrifice Him again.

These are not means of grace.  We do not look to gain eternal favour with God by doing these acts.  We are simply being obedient, as those who believe we have been saved by Jesus already.

Individual Soul Liberty

We believe in freedom of religion.  Baptists have always opposed religious persecution.  No one should be forced to assent to any belief against his will.  Every individual, whether a believer or an unbeliever, has the liberty to choose what he believes is right in the religious realm.  This liberty does not exempt one from responsibility to the Word of God or from accountability to God Himself.

Saved, Baptized Church Membership.

While everyone is very welcome to visit us only those who are born again and know it by faith may become identified “with us.”  Furthermore, local church membership is restricted to individuals who have publicly identified themselves with Jesus Christ in believer’s (not infant) baptism. 

Two Officers

The Bible mandates only two offices in the church. The two offices of pastor and deacon exist within the local church, not as a hierarchy outside or over the local church

  • Pastor. The three terms –“pastor, elder,” and “bishop,” or “overseer” — all refer to the same office. The Pastor of a local church oversees, spiritually feeds, and wisely directs the congregation under Jesus’ Headship.
  • Deacon. This office literally means “servant.” A deacon or deacons must serve the Pastor and others in the congregation. How? He attends to the practical things which would distract the Pastor from prayer and the ministry of the Word.


  • of Church and StateGod established both the church and the civil government, and He gave each its own distinct sphere of operation. The Church should not control the State and the State should not control the Church. There should be no alliance between the two as in “absolute power.” God’s plan is to change each person (unforced) from the inside out, and so, change society one person at a time.
  • of Believers from Blind Guides and Disobedient Brethren – We will unashamedly stand up for the clear teachings of the Bible. We do not defend our own persons, nor do we physically punish those who differ from us. Yet, we will proclaim what the Bible sets forth. More than that, we will openly denounce any religious group, societal vice, scientific lore, or wicked person opposing the Truth of the Scriptures.

Those who claim to be born-again Christians but join together with any who pervert the clear doctrines of the Scriptures will be counted as disobedient brethren.  We will not unite with them for reasons self-evident to our commission.

  • of Believers from Worldliness – Everyone knows that born-again Christians should be different from the world around them in all manner of lifestyle. We should be a holy people, free from all vice, habit, or prejudice. Any difference and any goodness is not naturally from within us. We are glad for the difference God has made in us by Jesus. If God had not made a difference in us, you would see no need for being spiritually born again as Jesus commands. That would be a shame on us.

So, there you have it.  We are “B.A.P.T.I.S.T.S” because these things are plainly written  in the Scriptures.  “What will we do for you and Arklow; What is our purpose?”

Mankind’s Greatest Need is Our Great Commission!

  • We provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Biblical counselling.
  • We have an internationally acclaimed addictions reform programme – Reformers Unanimous
  • We minister (preach and sing) openly on the streets.
  • You will see our doors open for church services three times weekly.
  • You’re very welcome to attend our Bible Studies 

We Believe Mankind’s greatest need is to receive pardon for sins and Eternal Life from the Hand of Jesus Christ. Darkness, sadness, suffering, and death all come into our lives because sin is present with us in this fallen world.  Only Jesus can give peace and meaning to life when we make peace with God through Him.